Standard Installations

At J.L.Vivash Custom Wood Floors we build life time floors that will last for hundreds of years if properly maintained. We start with raw wood flooring either solid or high quality engineered. Before we begin your floor we make sure your house is ready to receive flooring.  We check subfloor structures, heating and humidification systems and advise you on the best ways to keep your flooring looking great through the seasons. Then we deliver your wood flooring in advance and check moisture levels to fully acclimate your floor to your homes environment before installation. During subfloor preparation we check for flatness and makes sure everything is solid. We plan our working lines to make sure your floor will have the best orientation. We may recommend a moisture barrier coating application to your subfloor. We like to glue and nail our wood floors to make sure they are as solid and noise free as possible for the life of your house.  After installation we use special fillers on any open knots and character to accentuate and we use a wood paste to fill all the grain and any fine seams and face nail holes made during installation.  We sand using state of the art belt sanders, edgers, planetary sanders and rotex palm sanders to make sure your floor is flat smooth and free of all sanding scratches and ready to any stain or oil finish application. Our stain and finish options are endless from traditional urethanes to European penetrating natural oils and hard wax oil finishes. Our finishes are not only state of the art in design, durability but also environmentally safe to be used indoors.