Distressing your wood floor adds texture and character to emulate anything from a fine wire brushed European oak winery floor to a tortured 18’th century castle floor seeing hundreds of years of use. This can be a very labour intensive but fun and creative way to express an original masterpiece in flooring.  

For a light wire brushing on open grained floors like oak we have attachments for our dustless sanding machines for an efficient job. We can also offer a heavier wire brushing when desired.

 Pillowed edges are created using our hand scraping technique to the edges of the boards creating an irregular edge to define each board and create texture.

Hand scraping is a technique where we scrape the entire wood floor using special reproduction hand scrapers that use a metal blade and a rolled hook which we carefully create and sharpen. There are several techniques that can be offered. This is one of the most labour intensive processes we offer. We have hand scraped approximately 20,000 square feet of flooring over the last 10 years.